Wednesday, October 30, 2019

sephora holiday vib sale recommendations

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This year's Sephora Holiday Sale snuck up on me. Anyone else? I remember it being a bit later in November in past years, but I realized on Sunday that the sale starts this Friday!

I don't typically buy a lot during this sale, but I still love seeing what people recommend and purchase for themselves. I wanted to share my all-time favorites that I constantly repurchase and that I think you should have you in your makeup collection.

Monday, October 28, 2019

halloween oreo brownies

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Or how to make boxed brownies better.

I feel guilty even writing this a blog post because it's so easy, but I always like sharing helpful tips like this. And while you'll need to have some kind of Oreo for this, you'll need one more ingredient that I bet you always have in your kitchen. It's probably even something you have every day. And you'll need so little of it that you can just put it aside in the morning.

Are you ready?

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