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goals for 2015

Goals & Resolutions for 2015 { image via Glitter Guide: Firefly Events} // A Style Caddy

It's never too late to get started on your 2015 goals. I have quite a few for this year but wanted to share just a few with you. I really try to make my goals ones that I think I can actually accomplish throughout the year. I like to think of them as realistic goals as opposed to resolutions that are just so far out there that I know I would just throw in the towel in a few months.

1. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier.
So this is technically fairly easy in theory. All I need to do is just get into bed before 11:30 and everything should be good, right? Unfortunately, no. For the life of me, I really don't know why I sit at my little dining room table/desk for hours doing... well, nothing really. Then it ends up being 2 AM and I'm super tired, which leads to crankiness and not wanting to get out of bed before 8. So I'm going to try and work in increments this year. So instead of getting into bed at 2, I'm going to shoot for 1:30 AM and then 1 and then 12:30 and so on. And since I'm going to bed a half hour earlier, I'm hoping that I'll feel better in the morning. A win-win!

2. Post more often to my blog and YouTube. And about things I really care about!
I've neglected my blog and YouTube as of late. I don't know why, but I did and I want to change that this year. So I'm going to try and get back to posting three times a week. Whether that be three blog posts every week or two blog posts and a video, I'm hoping to get things moving around here. I'm not about to get in front of the camera and start posting outfit photos {I'm not a fashionista by any means and I'm definitely not comfortable posing in photos} so I want to really start talking about things that are relevant to me. More recipes, more golf, more makeup, more life updates.

3. Read 32 books.
Ever since I signed up for Goodreads, I've tried to read 35 books a year. I've only ever made it to 30 so I think 35 was aiming a bit too high. I wasn't accounting for book ruts that I fell into or struggling through books I didn't like, so this year I'm hoping to just read an extra two than I have in the past. I read four books while on vacation so I think I'm on a roll so far! I've bookmarked this book-to-movie list and this top 10 list to help with different resolutions to get my to-read list started.

4. Get serious about my health.
I can admit that I'm not the healthiest person out there, but I want to make a serious effort to fix that this year. I just started this 12 week challenge and the Whole 30 yesterday so that's one {or two?} steps in the right direction! I've decided that setting small health and fitness goals each month might be more attainable than setting one large goal for the full year. This month, I'm aiming to up my water intake to get 2 liters every day.

5. Less spending, more saving.
I didn't save as much as I wanted to in 2014 so I want to make a better effort to do this in 2015. I don't have much space in my little studio apartment so I know there won't be any shopping excursions in my future. I need to remember that having more in my savings account is more important than having so many things that just sit there and collect dust. I don't know how much I want to put into my savings account at the end of each money, but no matter the amount, I know I'll be happier at the end of the year when I see a bigger number there.

6. Pare down my belongings.
I've been giving a lot of thought to this notion of living a more minimalistic lifestyle and a capsule wardrobe for a few months and think now would be a great time to put it into motion. I'm currently reading Live More, Want Less by Mary Carlomagno and think it's going to be really helpful in achieving this goal. I want to try Jess Lively's challenge of throwing out 100 things before moving out of my current apartment because I really need to lessen the amount of things I own/never use and increase the amount of space I have. I've also just started reading Unfancy, a blog focusing on minimalism and building a capsule wardrobe, and it's really inspiring! If you know of any other minimalist blogs, please let me know!

So there you go, six of my goals {I have more!} for this year. I'd love to know what you're hoping to accomplish this year so that we can cheer each other on!

Happy Wednesday!

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