Monday, February 23, 2015

what i'm giving up for lent

I've never spoken about religion here on the blog, but I did want to share what I decided to give up for Lent this year. When I was younger, it was always about going without chocolate, candy, or soda for 40 days. In college, I tried to challenge myself more and would give up coffee {so rough} and cursing {which I never do anymore, success!} As I've gotten older, I've realized that these 40 days aren't just about giving up a favorite food but about doing something good and bettering yourself.

1. Eat less chocolate. // OK, so I know I just said that this time is about more than just giving food, but I always give up one vice. Chocolate made the cut this year since I've been having a lot of dark chocolate lately.

2. Shop my stash. // Though I haven't been spending so much lately on new clothes and makeup, I really want to crack down on it during these 40 days. I know that there are some things in my closet and makeup collection that I need to give more love.

3. Hit the "snooze" button less. // Oh my gosh, I do this too much. TOO MUCH! I know that if I didn't, I could get so much more done before my day even really starts. So here's to hoping that I actually start getting up when my alarm goes off every day.

4. Do at least one good thing every day. // Whether it's for myself, for someone else, or for both, I want to just inject a little bit of happiness into the day. Hopefully, they'll pay it forward and start a nice chain reaction.

Let me know if you're giving up anything or doing something good during Lent!

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