Monday, May 11, 2015

monday scorecard

Monday Scorecard {Link Round Up} // A Style Caddy

I've done a few link round-ups on Mondays, but I was never very consistent with a name or format. I finally decided on something {yay!} that made sense for me and this blog. Can't wait to share some fun finds, exciting happenings, and links every Monday!

Eagle // Earlier last week, Rickie Fowler was voted as one of the two overrated golfers on tour - by his own peers! He shut them up by winning The Players Championship yesterday. Clutch.

Birdie // This recipe for Swiss meringue buttercream is amazing! It tastes so good and was much easier to make than I anticipated. I used it to frost the chocolate cake I made for Mother's Day.

Par // I loved The Everygirl Cofounders' home and office tour! I want to decorate my apartment to look like this. If only I had the funds...

Double Bogey // This New York Times article on underpaid manicurists at nail salons was eye opening and worth the read.

*Note: All are golf terms that refer to how well or how poorly a golfer plays a hole. Eagles, birdies, pars are good - great even! Bogeys or worse are... not so good.

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