Monday, July 6, 2015

monday scorecard {vol. 6}

Monday Scorecard {Vol. 6} // A Style Caddy

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! The last time I've ever had concrete plans for the 4th of July was in high school, but I enjoy not having anything to do. If you couldn't tell, I like more relaxing weekends.

I was able to catch a few fun sporting events and find some other links to share with you!

Hole-in-one // The US Women's soccer team won the World Cup! They scored 4 goals in under 20 minutes, and you just had the feeling that the trophy would be theirs. It was exciting to watch!

Albatross // At The Greenbrier Classic this weekend on the 18th hole, there were two hole-in-ones. In one round! And that meant that the owner, Jim Justice, had to pay the fans watching in the grandstands $100 for the first and $500 for the second. It cost him $192, 400.

Birdie // Two must-see movies: Jurassic World and Inside Out. They're completely different but great!

Par // It's Shark Week! These Discovery Channel shows both terrify and fascinate me.

Par // These Anthropologie coasters are the prettiest things ever!

Bogey // I attempted to make these shortbread cookies and completely failed. I was successful with another recipe, but if you have tips of how to make traditional ones, please let me know!

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