Wednesday, August 26, 2015

golf tournament spectator style

Golf Tournament Spectator Style // A Style Caddy

The FedEx Cup Playoffs start tomorrow in NJ with The Barclays Tournament and I am excited for four more fun weeks of golf before the season comes to an end. I often talk about the tournaments I go to and others throughout the year, but I never share what to wear. And what's better than one outfit? Two, of course.

I prefer to wear shorts and sneakers to tournaments because we walk follow a group or pairing {depending on the day} and go all 18 holes. Sneakers are just the most logical choice and the Reebok Skyscapes are incredibly comfortable. Shorts are just more comfortable for me in this setting, especially since I do sit down occasionally on the grass near the fairways. Pull-on shorts from J. Crew or J. Crew Factory are some of my favorites. I've also really loved wearing overalls this year and think it's a really cute throwback 90's outfit.

In terms of accessories, I tend to forgo lots of jewelry and opt for simple dainty rings like this one from BaubleBar. I do wear makeup but go for a routine that's really quick, easy, and long wearing. I love this sunscreen from Clinique {super important!}, their new liquid eyeliner, and mascara. Sunglasses and some type of hat are essentials. This 'Double Bogey' snapback is funny and just so appropriate. I always bring a small handbag to store my phone, credit cards {sometimes there are perks}, hand sanitizer, and other things.

I'll be at The Barclays this weekend and you can see my adventures during the tournament on Snapchat {sheriann_snaps} or Instagram!

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