Friday, October 2, 2015

favorite five: ikea pieces

Say hello to the newest series here on A Style Caddy! I've had this idea in my mind for my YouTube channel for awhile now and thought that I should carry it over onto my blog. I share my monthly favorites {September video is coming next Wednesday!} but have always wanted to talk about my all-time favorite things. I've been keeping a list in my notebook of everything from books to makeup to coffee spots - you name it, I've got favorites. Five of them to be exact.

I've never really shared anything related to home decor on my blog so I wanted to start with that first. A lot of the furniture in my apartment {aka all of it} comes from Ikea. I live in a studio in New York City where rent is high, especially when you're living alone. Ikea has great affordable pieces when you're on a budget. And a huge plus - they'll last you years! So here it goes, my five favorite things from Ikea...

Favorite Five: Ikea Pieces {Alex Drawer} // A Style Caddy
Alex Nine Drawer Unit // If you watch beauty videos on YouTube, this might look familiar. It really is the most perfect thing to hold makeup, jewelry, hair accessories, curling irons - anything really. It's super sturdy and has deep drawers.

Favorite Five: Ikea Pieces {Billy Bookcase} // A Style Caddy
Billy Bookcase // I have four of these in my current apartment in various heights. It's honestly the best thing I've found to display shoes, store baking tools, and, of course, show off your book collection.

Favorite Five: Ikea Pieces {Hemnes Shoe Cabinet} // A Style Caddy
Hemnes Shoe Cabinet // This shoe cabinet saves so much floor space. It also works great to store things like cleaning products.

Favorite Five: Ikea Pieces {Kallax Shelving Unit} // A Style Caddy
Kallax Shelving Unit // I currently use this 4x4 unit and love it. It's easy to put together and holds everything from books, movies, and clothes. Adding home decor like a vase in one of the units looks great, too. And you can use the top as a side table. Double use - yes!

Favorite Five: Ikea Pieces {Stocksund Chair} // A Style Caddy
Stocksund Chair // Oh my gosh, I love this chair so much! I traded in my couch for this chair to open up my apartment a bit more and have more space, and it was the best decision. This chair comes in a variety of colors, but I really love this beige shade to keep everything clean and light in my apartment. It's super comfy, too. So comfy that I've fallen asleep in it many times. Oops...

There you have it! My top five furniture pieces from Ikea. Hope you liked this first post in this new series!

Happy Friday!

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