Tuesday, October 31, 2017

leaving home & taking a leap of faith

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I'm so excited about the news that I'm about to share. I've told just a few people but felt that it was such a big change that it needed to be shared here. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, then you've probably seen me leave a few hints about it. If not, well you should follow me! But you haven't been left in the dark because I've never fully shared the news. 

Are you ready?

I'm leaving NJ. In fact, I left yesterday, October 30th. And I've moved to...

Orlando! Are you surprised? Maybe not, but let's backtrack a bit...

In June of this year, I was laid off from my job, the job that I've had since graduating from college in 2011. It wasn't surprising since the company was acquired by a much larger company, but it still stung a bit. All of my friends were all still working and now here I was, out of a job, without a paycheck, and no idea what I wanted to do next. I was embarrassed to even mention it to anyone so I didn't.

First of all, being laid off or let go from your job shouldn't be an embarrassment. It happens all the time. But I had already started comparing myself to my friends because they were all still working with "real adult jobs" while I was just sitting at home, fixing my resumé, and writing cover letters.

Don't do this. EVER. Comparing yourself to anyone about anything will only bring you down. Instead, think of the positives of a life change like this. Maybe this is just what you needed - that kick in the butt to start doing that thing you've been wanting to but never had the courage to. If you're waiting for the "right time", guess what? It's right now! I kept telling myself over the past five years that eventually I'll get a new job. Maybe in a few years, I'll be able to do this. Or maybe in a few years, I'll finally move here. In reality, I was holding myself back because I kept doubting myself. I kept second guessing my life decisions because I was too scared that I might fail or get rejected.

June was my kick in the behind. And after spending the month just relaxing and trying my hardest not to worry about life, I started looking for jobs in July and put the pedal to the metal in August. I was applying to so many jobs every day and not hearing back. There would be days where I would just cry and cry and think that I was going to be unemployed forever and end up completely broke. So dramatic. There were other days where I kept telling myself that if I just kept praying like I had been every day, putting out positive vibes, and wishing good thoughts, all of that positivity was going to come back with the job that I was meant to have.

And it did.

I had applied to two different jobs in Orlando at the same company. The first one I didn't get, which wasn't a surprise. I didn't hear back about the second one until nearly two months later. Then, I got an email just days before my Disney trip to take a web-based interview. Then, I had my first phone interview on October 9th, the second one on October 12th, and on October 16th, I got the email that I had gotten the job! I flew down to Orlando for a quick meeting on October 20th and was told to be there by the 31st {today} because that would be my first day. Talk about fast!

Can you guess where I'm working?...

Disney World! Specifically, Epcot as a part-time vacation planner.

This is obviously quite a career change for me, but one that I'm really excited about. I've always wanted to be a cast member at Disney so when this opportunity came, I knew I would regret it if I passed it up. Am I nervous? Anxious? Scared? All of the above. But I'm also so, so happy because I'll be at a place I love - the most magical place on earth.

And if there's anything that I've learned from my parents over the past few months, it's that being positive and doing the things that make you happy will make for a successful life.

So I'm doing just that. My stuff is packed. Taking that leap of faith. And I'm off being happy and magical in Orlando. Come visit!

TL;DR. Here's a video about why I've left NJ!

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