Wednesday, July 23, 2014

poutine picks

Poutine Picks // A Style Caddy
Authentic Canadian Poutine via Seasons & Suppers // Vegetarian Poutine via Flourishing Foodie // Paleo Poutine via Grok Grub // Beer Barbecue Pulled Pork Poutine via Buns in My Oven // Grilled Cheese Poutine via BS' in the Kitchen // Sweet Potato Poutine via The Best Thing I Ever Ate... And Then Some

Confession: I've never actually had poutine. The closest I've ever come to it is having disco fries late at night at a diner in NJ, and I know for a fact that those don't even come close. The RBC Canadian Open starts tomorrow in Qu├ębec and this dish immediately popped into my head. I unfortunately live in a tiny studio apartment in New York City and the idea of frying anything and making my apartment hotter than it already is just didn't sound appealing. Instead, I thought I'd pick a few in all their deliciously, greasy, and cheesy goodness for you to try! And for me to put on my recipe list for a later date.

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