Monday, July 28, 2014

what i learned from #100happydays

What I Learned From #100HappyDays // A Style Caddy

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I attempted the #100happydays challenge. I'd seen it filling up my feed and thought it would be a great thing to try. Pictures of something that makes me happy for a straight 100 days? Easy.

Not so much. Here are a few things I learned during my 100 happy days.

1. Taking pictures every day for 100 days is hard...
While I use Instagram often, I don't use it every single day. I don't really use my phone for that purpose so I knew going in that would be a challenge for me. It might sound silly, but it was tough making this a priority for 100 days.

2. ... But remembering to take pictures and tag them is even harder.
Honestly? Sometimes I just forgot to take pictures. Like I said, this wasn't the main thing on my mind throughout the day. Sometimes I'd be in bed at night and realize I hadn't posted anything. And there were times I would remember to snap a quick photo, post it, and then realize I'd forgotten to include the appropriate hashtags.

3. It's tough to find something happy in your day when you're having a bad one.
This seems pretty self-explanatory. If I was having a bad day, it was difficult to find something during my day to label as 'happy'. I mean really, is your first thought on an awful day or week about how beautiful the flowers on your walk home are? Probably not.

4. Sometimes, it's better to just live in the moment than to have to document your little bit of happy.
There were plenty of days where I was somewhere and something put a smile on my face. It was anything from a pictures drawn in colorful chalk in front of my building, the colors in the sky as the sun set on my walk home, or just a display on mini pineapples at Whole Foods. The thought of pulling out my phone and taking a picture for the #100happydays challenge would cross my mind. Then, I would stop and think that I didn't need or want to interrupt my little moment and I just needed to soak it in without needing to document it.

So no, I didn't successfully complete #100happydays, but I am glad I tried. It taught my to be more grateful every day and to see that even the tiniest of things can add a bit of happiness to your life.

Let me know if you've taken this photo challenge!

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