Tuesday, March 29, 2016

final four fashion {syracuse orange}

Guys. GUYS! Syracuse, my alma mater, made it to the NCAA Final Four and is the first 10-seed to ever do it! Given that so many people didn't even think we should have made it to the tournament or would go very far {I'll admit it, I had them out after the Round of 32}, this is one heck of a feat. If you could have seen me jumping up and down in my living room on Sunday night, you probably would have laughed {like my dad did}, but I was so excited!

My parents and I have been going to the Final Four for a few years now. In fact, this will be my 8th time at the event, but just my second time seeing Syracuse there. Last year I shared an outfit post and thought I would do the same this year.

And if you're not cheering for Syracuse this weekend, here are some options for the other schools headed to Houston...

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