Friday, April 15, 2016

final four in houston + a vlog!

I mentioned that I was going to the Final Four in Houston, and if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, then you'll have seen little bits and pieces of my weekend in Texas. But I decided to try my hand at something while I was there...


To be fair, this is more of a video diary since I'm currently too self-conscious to be talking to a camera in public. We'll get there eventually I'm sure.

This was my ninth time going to the Final Four, second time seeing Syracuse there, and my second time in Houston. While I do love Texas, Houston is not my favorite location for an event like this. As you know, Texas is huge. There's tons of open space, definitely more than we have here in NJ, so you have to drive everywhere. For something like the Final Four when there are tons of fun things going on during the weekend {Fan Fest, concerts, ESPN coverage} plus sightseeing in the city, it makes for a better experience when you can walk everywhere. San Antonio, New Orleans, and Atlana have been my favorite locations so far. If they just rotated between those three cities, I'd love it.

Still, it was a really great weekend and my parents and I had fun. And you can see what we did - mostly lots of sports {obviously}, shopping, and eating - while we were in Houston!

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