Friday, June 24, 2016

golf road trip + a vlog!

Last week, my parents and I went on a little golf road trip. First, we head to upstate New York so that my dad could play in two charity golf tournaments.

On Sunday and Monday, he played at Oak Hill Country Club, where the 2013 US Open was held, to play at the Coaches vs. Cancer event. It was much colder in Rochester than we had anticipated. We were not dressed appropriately for the weather at all. My mom and I only lasted eight holes before heading back to the warmth of the car. We wore pants and jackets on Monday so it was much better. After a pitstop at Pittsford Dairy {you have it go there if you're ever in the area!}, we went to Syracuse because I really wanted to see my alma mater. We had dinner at Pastabilities - one of my favorites!

My dad played at Atunyote Golf Club for the Jim Boeheim {he's the Syracuse basketball coach} golf tournament. That course is beautiful and one of my favorites! There was a bit of a hiccup because my dad actually realized on Monday night that he forgot our US Open tickets at home in NJ so... After he played 12 holes, we drove home and then left for Pittsburgh early Wednesday morning.

From then on, it was US Open golf for the rest of the week. It rained a lot on Thursday so the course was SO MUDDY on Friday. Thankfully, we all brought rain boots. People kept mentioning how smart we were for wearing them since everyone else wore sneakers, sandals, or wedges. Oakmont is just an OK golf course to me - not my favorite but I don't hate it. We had dinner at Fat Head's that night - looked a little worrisome but was delicious. And we followed that up with milkshakes from The Milkshake Factory. I can't remember the last time I even had a milkshake, but it was the best way to end our trip.

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