Wednesday, June 15, 2016

suncare spf favorites

Hi there! Remember me? I meant to post more after my birthday wish list but was insanely sick the days after my birthday.. And then blogging just got away from me after. I promise that more posts are coming though! I have plans to write more and record more videos after the 21st because something big is finally coming!

Since the weather is warm, the sun is out {on most days}, and beach days are ahead, I thought I would share my suncare favorites. SPF is insanely important. My dad had skin cancer when he was younger so I know all about the importance of wearing SPF and taking care of your skin when you're out in the sun and just every day. I've learned what works best for me that I wanted to share with you!


I had to include my favorite self-tanner since I'm not much of a beach go-er. Also, it helps balance out the farmer's tan I get from golf. Problems, ya know? Let me know what some of your SPF favorites are! I'm always willing to give something a try!

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