Friday, August 25, 2017

anti-haul // what i won't be buying {vol. 1}

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Since I'm on a spending freeze, I've spent a lot of time doing two things. I've been browsing a ton of new arrivals for the upcoming fall season at J. Crew and Anthropologie. I've also been watching anti-hauls on YouTube.

If you're not familiar with the anti-haul concept, it's exactly what it sounds like. People sit and tell you the things they won't be buying and why. I love it because it's actually a great reminder that we don't need to have everything. Just because it's the hot new item or the pair of shoes every blogger is wearing doesn't mean that it needs to make its way into our closet, too. Besides, who wants to look just like everyone else anyway?

I've been wanting to make this type of video for quite some time now and felt like my current zero shopping budget made it the best time to get my feet wet.

Some of the items I mention in the video are new and haven't even been released yet; others have been available for a few months. I'm hoping to do this style of video once a month, even when my spending freeze is over.

Would anyone be interested in seeing a fashion anti-haul? I think I might post one next week!

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