Monday, October 24, 2016

fall/winter fashion: velvet everything

I'm a sucker for fall and winter trends, and one that I particularly love every single year is velvet. I love velvet anything and everything. You name it, I love it. Velvet loafers, velvet dresses, velvet blazers - I want it all!

I just bought this velvet wrap skirt that I think is in the most perfect color for this time of year and the holiday season! It got me thinking that I needed to share some of the other velveteen things that have caught my eye.

Fall & Winter Fashion Trends: Velvet // A Style Caddy

I think most people associate this trend as being something more appropriate for dressier occasions, and while I agree, I think it's a great casual every day item, too. A pair of velvet sneakers with dark skinny jeans and a comfy is a great option for a casual Friday work outfit. I also love the look of an all black outfit with a bright velvet choker. Or a velvet dress with a flannel or chambray shirt! Love it.

Happy Monday friends!

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