Friday, October 21, 2016

influenster flawless voxbox

I signed up for Influenster in 2012 because it seemed like a such a cool program. And guess what? It is! You don't need to be some super popular blogger or YouTuber to join. Influenster is for anyone and everyone! You can go on their website and read and write reviews to see what everyone else is loving. And they cover a ton of products - makeup, hair care, coffee, snacks, clothing. You name and I bet it's there.

And if you want to receive free products all you need to do is connect your social media accounts, answer a survey whenever its sent to you, and voila! A VoxBox will most likely be headed your way. I promise you'll love it once you get started!

Want to know what type of boxes you might receive? Here ya go! I filmed a unboxing video because I was so excited about this collaboration box with Bustle. Make sure to watch and then go sign up!

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