Thursday, October 13, 2016

sale! sale! sale!

Those that know me know that I love a good sale. And we're right in the middle of a really great Shopbop sale! I've been browsing the site since yesterday, and added so many things to my cart before realizing that I needed to restrain myself. I put together my top picks to share what's on my radar in terms fall and winter fashion. Nearly everything on the Shopbop site is on so I'm sure something will catch your eye ;]

Use the code MAINEVENT16 to get up to $30 off your purchase.


Things are going fast so don't wait to get what you want! If I wasn't watching my spending right now, more than a few of these would end up in closet. But I'm trying to be good so I only plan on purchasing one or two {... or three} things. I'd love to know what you're getting!

And don't worry, East Dane is on sale too so the guys can pick up a few things!

More of my Shopbop sale favorites here!...

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