Tuesday, November 15, 2016

gift guide: for him

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Shopping for guys is always the hardest. Is it just me? No matter the occasion or the holiday, I fret over what to buy. I always want that present will 'wow' everyone, but I've come to realize that basics and tried-and-trues are the best way to go. Plus, sticking with the basics means that you know that they'll actually use them instead of seeing them tucked away on a shelf somewhere.

It's also really great to get that one item that you know they've had their eye on but just don't want to buy for themselves. It's a nice treat for them on Christmas day! Add in a few fun and quirky gifts that will make them chuckle and you're all set!

Favorite basics: a new scarf, warm gloves, a cozy fleece pullover, a layering henley tee.

Fun gifts: Old Course Scene belt, sneakers for any outfit, a quirky bottle opener.


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