Friday, June 12, 2015

five favorite beauty youtubers

More often than not, I'm watching a beauty tutorial on YouTube while I'm at home. There are a ton of people that I'm subscribed to, but makeup videos are my favorite. I thought I would share the five that I'm currently loving, the ones that drop everything for when I see they've posted a new video. You will envy their application skills and want every single product they use and recommend. This is my apology in advance if you end up running to Sephora after this.

So, in no particular order...

Jaclyn Hill // I love her personality! She's sassy, engaging, and fun. None of her videos are ever boring. I wish I had her skills and expertise when it comes to makeup application because she always looks flawless.

Nicole Guerriero // I started watching Nicole's videos because I thought our skin tones were similar. And I'm still watching her three years later. Three years! I love everything from her makeup tutorials to her Halloween looks {they are crazy!} to her shopping hauls. She is beautiful and one of the best in the biz.

Claire Ashley // To be fair, I just started watching Claire's videos on Tuesday, but I am completely hooked! After seeing the above video, I immediately subscribed. She is just pleasant to watch and is always so peppy and happy in her videos. She's a self-taught makeup artist in the DC area, and I think if I lived there, I would want my makeup done by her for special events.

ViviannaDoesMakeup // So I actually started reading Anna's blog before I started watching her videos on YouTube. She has a fun personality and her videos are never longer than they need to be. She's real and very relatable in my opinion. Anna's also the one YouTuber that I recommend the most to anyone who is looking for someone new to watch. I love that she covers more than just beauty videos and talks about fashion and fitness, too!

Amelia Liana // I think I found Amelia's channel through Anna's... However I found it, I'm so glad I did! She has impeccable style and taste in makeup and clothing. More often than not, I want to buy a product she uses or recommends. She's got a fun and quirky personality, and her beauty videos are some of the best. I'm also really envious of her eyebrows and hair. Really, she just looks great all the time and you'll love her videos.

Let me know who some of your favorites are! There are so many that I watch {seriously, I could talk about this topic forever}, but I'm always looking for some new YouTubers to watch.

And a new video from me might just be coming your way next week...

Happy Friday!

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