Wednesday, June 3, 2015

my favorite pajamas

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret, my favorite pajamas {and most of them, really} come from Forever 21.

Yes, you read that right. Forever 21.

I know most people don't shop there after college, but their sleepwear selection is great, not to mention it's very budget friendly. The nightdresses and sleep sets are all so soft and lightweight, making them perfect for the spring and summer months. The quality is something that you can expect from higher end brands, a surprise considering that some of those Forever 21 dresses you bought for college parties probably fell apart after a few wears. Even better, you can use some of the nightdresses and tops as beach cover ups. I love having pieces do double-duty!

I picked 21 of my favorites from the selection offered on their site right now to share with you. Everything from classic stripes, seasonal florals, fun critters, and witty sayings - they have so much and I promise you'll love them!

Let me know where your favorite pajamas come from! I love shopping for new ones and would love to know of a few more places to shop!

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