Monday, June 8, 2015

monday scorecard {vol. 4}

Monday always comes too soon for my liking. I feel like there was a lot that happened this weekend, especially since I got new furniture and a new bed on Saturday. It's amazing how a few changes and rearranging furniture can make an apartment feel so new!

On to some highlights from the weekend...

Eagle // We all know that Phil Mickelson is a really good guy. He gave us another reason to love him when he gave kids selling lemonade near the Memorial Tournament $100 for a cup and told them to keep the change. That's a $99 tip. What a guy!

Birdie // American Pharoah won the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown! We all witnessed history! And what adds to this already great story is that Victor Espinoza, the jockey, is donating his winnings to cancer research.

Par // This peach and blueberry brioche tart looks so delicious. We should all make it as soon as possible.

Bogey // Tiger Woods had a rough go of it this weekend at the Memorial, and people have been quick to criticize him. Hopefully TW can get into a rhythm at the U.S. Open in a week!

Happy Monday!

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