Monday, June 29, 2015

monday scorecard {vol. 5}

Monday Scorecard {Vol. 5} {Image via Ruth Eileen & Style Me Pretty} // A Style Caddy

This post should really be titled "All the Documentaries I Watched and Recipes I Found This Weekend" because that's all I really did. Seriously. I didn't do anything else except watch some documentaries on Netflix, practice my calligraphy, and look up recipes for the Fourth of July. Not productive to some, but it was to me and that's all that really counts, right? Right!

On to the links {sans scores because they're all too good}...

1 // Planet Earth came out a few years ago, and I just got around to watching it this weekend. It's probably not up everyone's alley, but it was so interesting! You'll fly through this series. {On Netflix}

2 // I was a senior in college when the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke out at Penn State, and I can still remember reading about it and seeing it on the news. Happy Valley is all about how the school, students, family, and town dealt with case. If you're not familiar with this, I would read up on it first and then watch the documentary. Going into this with some knowledge of what happened and reading some of the reports is the best way to watch this since it's more about how everyone felt than covering everything that happened. I found this one to be quite sad but worth the watch! {On Netflix}

3 // This is the last documentary, I promise! I'm not sure if you can watch it online, but if you can find it somewhere or see it on TV make sure to watch Glen Campell: I'll Be Me. It aired on CNN last night and follows Glen Campbell, a legendary country singer, and his family as they navigate everyday life after his Alzheimer diagnosis and then his farewell tour. This one is so incredibly sad but very touching. I can't promise you won't tear up or cry at some point, but you will most definitely learn something.

4 // The first Fourth of July recipe I want to share comes from Laura of Beauty and the Beard. Her tie-dye cake looks amazing! Time consuming but worth it because it looks delicious and so pretty. And while you're at it, you should make her DIY cake toppers too.

5 // I am most definitely making this lightened up seven layer dip this weekend. Dip is always a great party food and since this one is a lightened up version, no one will feel bad eating it. It looks great and would be a perfect party appetizer.

6 // Pie isn't my favorite dessert, but I love the idea and look of these patriotic berry hand pies. You could make it from scratch or take the shortcut version and buy pre-made pie crust and some jarred berry pie filling. Either way, these would be a great dessert to serve with ice cream at a party or take it to-go to eat while watching the fireworks.

Happy Monday!

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